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Goat Words of Wisdom


There are two things you never try to save money on; FENCING and YOUR HERD SIRE. Quality costs $$$$.


If you throw a bucket of water against your fence and some of it gets through to the other side,,, your goats will too.


Just when you think you know a lot about goats, they will do something to prove just how little you really do know.

A fence is needed to keep your goats on your property, but it must also keep harmful critters, from the outside, away from your goats.


If you have neighbors with property along your fence line and if those neighbors have dogs do not expect your neighbors to control their dogs. They will not. Save yourself some grief and protect your animals from injury by ensuring your fence will keep your goats away from the neighbor's dogs.


Goat people are the friendliest folks you will ever meet.