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The Walking H Boer Goat Farm not only raises quality goats, but it also produces high quality rocks as well. No matter how many rocks are pulled from the fields to be used for walls, barriers or step stones, each rainfall brings forth a new crop.

  Winecup and rock in oak leaves Click on the images to see a closeup. Winecup and rock in oak leaves

At the Walking H, every imaginable size and shape of rocks can be found. There are rocks with holes in them, perfect for threading cord through them to be used as necklaces or practice shot puts. Rocks with curved undersides, perfect for nothing, are prevelant. There are even rocks growing in the trees.

Fortunately, the Walking H rocks are so plentiful that anyone in need of rocks need not worry about the supply being exhausted. Unfortunately, the rocks are worthless so no one at the Walking H plans to retire early.