What To Look For


Most of the time your pregnant does need no attention. However, you need to be familar with the red flags indicating when you may need to get involved.

An overweight doe is one to be watchful of from the beginning of her pregnancy. Overweight does tend to have difficulty during pregnancy and especially delivery. They are more susceptible to pregnancy toxemia. If your does tend to be overweight, as many does used for show are, you may want to put them on a diet before breeding. Checking for ketosis can easily be accomplished using "keto-strips" which are readily available at your local pharmacy. A doe that isolates herself from the rest of the herd, before her kidding due date, is one you should check for ketosis, if the test strip is abnormal a call to the your vet may be wise.

The following web sites will provide you with a wealth of information to assist you when your girls are bred. Click on the topics you want to learn more about.

Basic must know information.
Pregnancy toxemia (ketosis).
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