We feed our goats "Kid & Goat Complete" (16% Crude Protein). A 16% crude protein 3/16 pelleted ration medicated with Decoquinate for prevention of coccidiosis and contains ammonium chloride for prevention of urinary calculi. it is produced by West Feeds, in West, Texas


Herd Bucks     We give the boys one pound, per animal, twice each day.


Herd Does     The girls are fed 3/4 pound, per animal, twice each day.


Breeding Does     For one month prior to being penned with the bucks and during the six weeks they are with the bucks, the girls are fed one pound twice per day. When the does are taken away from the bucks they revert to the herd doe diet again.


Nursing Does     Beginning once they have had their kids the girls have Chaffhaye added to their diets. During the entire time they are nursing kids, each doe will be fed 3/4 pound of Kid & Goat Complete and one pound of Chaffhaye twice daily.


Kids     Beginning at two weeks of age through weaning, the kids are given access to the Kid & Goat Complete. We have creep feeders available to them at all times. When they reach the age of three weeks they will accompany their mothers as they forage the pasture to learn what to eat and how to forage. At four weeks of age, Haygrazer Sudan hay is added to their diet in a seperate pen that also contains a creep feeder with Kid & Goat Complete and water. This pen is not accessible to the larger animals. We call it the Kid Cafeteria.


All Animals     Pasture forage, Haygrazer Sudan hay, free access to white salt blocks and free choice mineral feeders containing calcium, phosphorus, salt, magnesium, potassium, copper, selenium, zinc, iodine, vitamin A, vitamin D3 and vitamin E is available to all of our livestock.


Cautionary Note     If you have male goats, DO NOT feed them corn. Corn is one of the major contributors to urninary calculi in male goats.


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