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Equipment For Sale

All equipment is built to order. A deposit of 50% of the agreed upon sales price will start your custom build.
We do not have stocks on hand, but we do use the same equipment and it is on the farm for you to inspect.
Due to the significant price increases for steel and components, it is recommended that you call for prices.

Round Bale Rack - photo taken 4Jan14        Round Bale Rack

Skid Mounted Round Bale Feeder

Reduce waste dramatically, goats cannot climb on top of the hay and soil it.
The bale height forces the animals to stand on their hind legs, strengthening their hindquarters.
Smaller animals eat the hay falling to the ground under the rack.
Large enough to accept 5x5 bales.

All prices are based upon the cost of materials.


Skid Mounted Square Bale Hay Feeder

Protects the hay from the rain and prevents your goats from climbing onto the bale.
There is a step allowing smaller animals to reach the hay.
A removable side bar allows for easy loading of the bale.

All prices are based upon the cost of materials.


Pickup Pen

Anyone familiar with goats knows they can be difficult to transport. The Pickup Pen makes transporting goats easy.
The Pickup Pen fits easily into the back a pickup to transport small to medium size goats, sheep and most dogs.
A Pickup Pen can be custom built to match your specific need and truck bed size. All pens have a front sliding gate with a spring locking device.
The pen in the picture is 48 inches wide X 60 inches long X 36 inches high and has panels with 2 inch X 4 inch spacing.
Full-size pickup pens, eight feet deep, can be built with an interior dividing gate to seperate more aggressive animals or bucks from does.

All prices are based upon the cost of materials.

SAH Headgate

SAH Headgate

If you already have a setup for your herd but just need a headgate to make it complete, well here is one for you.
It is designed to allow even the most troublesome critter to catch itself, saving you from frustration and bruises.
The headgate can be attached to your setup with just four bolts.
Built with 14 gauge 1 1/2 inch square tubing and 11 gauge round pipe. It is stronger than your most cantankerous critter.
The nosebar and chain allow you to secure your critter's head in one position.

All prices are based upon the cost of materials.

SAH Goat Handler Left Side   SAH Goat Handler

SAH Goat Handler

Reduce your workload by half with the Goat Handler. It is designed to allow even the most troublesome critter to catch itself.
The Goat Handler is built with 14 gauge square steel tubing, strong enough to handle the most rambunctious critter in your herd.
There is a handy shelf on top so your tools are readily available.
The entry pendulum gate allows you to control access from your pen.
The second pendulum gate can be operated from the sides, rear or front.
The headgate can be set to allow your most skittish animals to self-capture.
The side gates swing open to allow full access to your animals for hoof trimming, medical treatment, or whatever is needed.

All prices are based upon the cost of materials.

Goat Trailers

Are you in need of a small goat trailer for your operation?
We can convert your utility trailer or we will build one for you. Size is limited to no larger than 5 X 10 feet and with a single axle.
If this is something you may be interested in, give us a call and let's talk.

The minimum price to convert a utility trailer is $2,000.
Prices are subject to change based upon the cost of materials.

Click here to see the trailers we have already built or converted.