Crystal Belle's Kids

Sire: Diamond Maker
Born: 3/02/2013
ABGA Registration

Dam: Crystal Belle
Born: 03/14/2014
ABGA Registration

Crystal Belle added a large set of dark brown twins to this year's kid crop.
The little doeling, Aviano, has decided to stay at the Walking H Farm and join the doe herd.

Photo taken 5 April


Photo taken 8 April



Photo taken 24 April

Photo taken 24 April

Birthweight - 9.6 lbs     One week - 13 lbs

One month - lbs     6 Weeks - 30.4 lbs

Birthweight - 10 lbs     One week - 15.3 lbs

One month - lbs     6 Weeks - 33.8 lbs

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